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Parade Application

Come watch the Parade! Starts at 9:30AM!

Being in the CoyoteFest parade is a once in a life time must!

The CoyoteFest Parade is a slice of Americana happening right on Main Street Couterville SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 24, 2022 9:30 am. This is your chance to come join the fun, strut your stuff, show us just who you really are! Come be somebody even if that somebody is a silly Coyote with a tail and ears, a patriotic band, perhaps a unicorn or even a very tall man. Come be silly, serious or wild beyond imagination. Yes, even Prizes will be won for having such fun.
Sign up on our web page or call 209-878-0111 with your email and well send the form. It’s gonna be a hoot... I mean a Howl.

Parade Reg
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